fractured Fairytale

A fractured fairytale …

(A) Once upon a time, there lived a boy of ginormous proportions. He had a massive head, giant body and a huge big toe that keep getting caught in things like toasters, rocks and play ground ladders! He was very sad so he went and visited Mr Gnome…

(B) The gnome never saw it coming. He ran down to the creek to get a sandwich when a sloth jumped on to him, grabbed some cheese and ate it up like a crazy man then he fell to the ground in a fit. The sloth was scared so he went to go and get some medicine from doctor frog…

(C) “How was I to know the frosting was made of poison ivy!” said Doctor frog, he fell to the ground foam started coming out of my mouth and I started to shake around on the ground like a chicken! Then my good friend the sloth grabbed me and shook me like a dog. I finally woke up to myself and quickly whipped up a time portal so I could see Boris!

(A) At that very moment, Boris walked through the time portal.

He came over to the frog and the sloth and he started to dance around and then the boy joined in and  grabbed his giant big toe and sang into it like a microphone…..

(B) The discus cleared the fence and flew toward the airport. The sloth tried to stop him but he was heading for the granny flat in the airport, and then one of the grannies turned into a super woman and with her super power of stretch she reached up about 10 feet and then the sloth said….

(C) It’s funny how windows can seem unimportant until you don’t have one like once the frog doctor  looked out and he saw a chicken and he was like woah windows are important!

(A) But the flying chairs were the least of their worries because the fire eating turtles came along so I ran for my life! The sloth got scared so he ran up onto the roof and  the nurse said…

(B) “Hey you dummy – get down!” she yelled. You will get a splinter a have to go to hospital  and have a massive surgery but it was all ok because the ninja snake looked like he was going to help him when he actually tried to kill so he grabbed him in his 3 toes and twisted his neck and twisted it some more and put him down and kicked him then twist his neck a little more so then the ninja snake died so they had a funeral for him but then…..

(C) The beach seemed like the best escape option at the time.

the sloth the with boy of ginormous proportions, the doctor frog and the nurse girl had a swim. Then they started a war with the ninja snake’s ghosts army!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And those that survived lived somewhat comfortably, though in constant fear that another giant was just around the corner.

My Report Reveiw

This term I am happy with my report because I have goood comments in all classes. There is nothing that bad but I talk a little to much in one class.


A achievement I am proud of I have handed in all my homework and I am proud with the work I have done in this term.

Nerve Tester

 Yes my nerve tester game work as it should. the easiest part of making the game was joining the wire together. The most difficult part was understanding where everything goes. Thing I could improve on this game is the background, I could be more creative with the background.